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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Men in Black are one of the most popular movies for aliens. Hollywood has numerous movies on aliens VS. Men. In spite of the movie is most popular because it has some extraordinary story.

In the movie there are two men Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and Jay (Will Smith) as an agent of top-secret organization which has been established to monitor and police alien activity on Earth.

The movie is known as “MiB” also. The movie has been released in 1997 in the direction of Barry Sonnenfeld. It is the story of New York City where some aliens in the form of other human being or animal being has come from the universe. The aliens wanted to get a key to rule over the universe. To protect the earth both agent Jay and Key with the help of Dr. Laurel Weaver (Linda Fiorentino) destroy that aliens.

The movie has been written by Ed Solomon and it is on the theme of a comic which has been written by Lowell Cunningham.

Will Smith is a very famous hero for action and comedy. He has led a role of a great agent. In the starting of the movie an alien come to the earth. He tries to catch him but failed.

By the Kay agent Will Smith is get selected to save the earth. It is one of the comedy based movie. The movie is not related to real life and real people at all. There is a machine also which is used by the agent to remove people’s remembering power.

The movie is technologies based. It has great comic story we can say but it has nothing to learn for real life.

About the MiB movies.nytimes.com writes, “''Men in Black,'' is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). It includes shootings and mock violence, which involves the shedding of blue goo. Special effects, including a decapitation, an autopsy and a fight with a huge bug, are staged in a sci-fi comic book style with no real gore and major kiddie appeal.”

Overall the movie is great for comedy and imaginary things. While watching the movie you can imagine that the movie is like a comic.


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