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Friday, December 4, 2009

Avatar Movie 2009
Avatar is the biggest Hollywood movie which releases on 18th December, 2009 in India. At frits, the movie is released in United Arab Emirates. Avatar 2009 is a Hollywood movie which introduces the biggest action and adventure with the latest technology.

Avatar Movie Casts:

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, Sigourney Weaver as Grace, Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch, Michelle Rodriguez as Trudy Chacon, Giovanni Ribisi as Parker Selfridge and Dileep Rao as Dr. Max Patel are the leading casts of Avatar movie.

Avatar movie is written and directed by James Cameron. It is a 3D science fiction epic movie of Hollywood. James Cameron has already gotten good popularity by his most famous direction – “The Terminator”, “Aliens”, “The Abyss” and “Titanic”. Avatar movie is created by Lightstorm Entertainment Studio and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The movie will be released in 2D and 3D formats. Avatar movie will be released in IMAX 3D formats also in selected theaters.

Synopsis of Avatar Movie:

Story of Avatar movie revolves around the lead character - Jake Sully. He is former U.S. Marine who is paralyzed now by his injury. He is selected for Avatar program. The Avatar program will make him able to walk. By the program Jake travels to Pandora. Pandora is a verdant jungle which is covered with celestial moon and filled with incredible life forms. There are some beautiful and some terrible.

Pandora is a place of primitive age. People of Pandora are physically capable than humans. They are approximately 10 feet tall. They have sparking blue skin. Human search goes deeper into Pandora’s forest in search of valuable minerals.

By the Avatar program, Jake unwittingly becomes a part of this encroachment. Humans are unable to breathe the air on Pandora. So, they have created genetically-bred hybrids that are known as Avatars.

Now, Jake is able to walk on the Pandora by his Avatar body. He goes deep into the Pandora's jungles as a scout and encounters many of Pandora's beauties and dangers. Finally, he meets a young Na’vi female – Neytiri.

During the time period, Jake integrates himself into the Neytiri. At last, they are caught by military-industrial forces of Earth. Now, Na’vi forces him to choose sides in an epic battle.

About Avatar Movie:

Avatar movie is developed and incorporated by a beautiful script of James Cameron. The writer-director already has proved his talent in Hollywood by the most famous movies. James Cameron gets the inspiration of Avatar movie by “every single science fiction book I read as a kid”.

Avatar movie is based on comic and filming effects. Live effects in the characters of Avatar movie has been created by photo-realistic computer-generated using motion capture animation technology. Avatar is technology based movie which has 60% computer-generated elements and 40% live action.

Avatar movie has used the technology of science. It has covered every aspect of scientific elements. Avatar program is based on the physical science but Jake survives in the Pandora by the invention of biological science.

People of Pandora’s body are just like the colour of Hulk’s body. Avatar movie creates beautiful visual scenes also that are greenish. The movie introduces many unseen birds, animals, trees, technology, guns and creative imaginations. The greatest action from X-Men Origin Wolverine, the biggest sci-fi from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the latest action from Dragonball Evolution and the hardest adventure from 2012 movie has been taken for Avatar movie.

Avatar 2009 movie has introduced the fastest marshal arts, Kung-fu and Karate action also. It is just like a gaming movie but its live visual action is really the most enjoying and adventurous.

Audiences will surly enjoy with the great creative imagination in Avatar movie 2009. They will watch an imaginary planet – Pandora and their adventurous life style.

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