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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mission Impossible

Yes, movies are mission impossible with starting of Tom Cruise but all the impossible mission has been done possible. I am the fan of Tom Cruise personally. His style, personality and action have attracted the audience of world. Now, Tom is not a hero of only Hollywood but he is the perfect hero of world audience.

We can say Arnold Schwarzenegger is the famous for Terminator movies series, Bruce Wills is the famous for Die Hard series and Tom Cruise is the famous for Mission Impossible series.

Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise has been released in 3 different movies in part. 1st movie with name of Mission Impossible was released in the direction of Brian DePalma in 19996. The movie has been produced by Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner.

In the US “Paramount Pictures” has taken part to distribute the movie. Most of the stunt of the movie is still in the mind of people. The stunt of the movie to read book and floppy theft are the famous in the world.

Most horror stunt was in the end of the movie when Tom Cruise goes on the roof of a speed train and a helicopter crush over the train. A very fast train stopped when then a helicopter fan goes near Tom Cruise neck. Oh that was fantastic adventure scene of the movie.

I can say I am the fan of Tom Cruise after the movie of Mission Impossible. Second part of Mission Impossible has been released in 2000 in the direction of John Woo and the movie has been produced by a team. In the production team Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, Terence Chang and Paul Hitchcock were involved. It was also a big hit movie of that year.

In the 2006 its 3rd part Mission Impossible lll has been released in the direction of J.J. Abrams. This movie was not success like its previous however the adventures and stunt were very sharp like its previous part.

In my point of view in the Mission Impossible movies Tom Cruise has given a new look for himself and like the movie has done possible a bright career in the Hollywood. My movie reviews are in the favour of not a hero but it is surely in the favour of a great character of the world.

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