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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Action of The Transporter

The Transporter movie main theme is that the hero doesn’t break his rule. The hero of the movie Jason Statham is a retired force. His name is Frank Martin. Always do transporting work very sincerely. He had made some rules during the transport that are:

Never change the deal
No names
Never open the package
Never make a promise you cannot keep

In the movie we all have seen that he has broken his own rule. I am going to review that movie which is famous in world like – Terminator, Mission Impossible and Matrix. The Transporter is also in three parts.

1st part of Transporter has been released in 2002 in 20th Century Fox Studio. It is an Action and Adventure movie. On box office the movie earned $25,221,889. After the great success of The Transporter it has been released in more 2 parts in 2005 and 2008.

In the 1st part of movie Transporter fight with drug dealers to break his own rule and in the second part he fights for a kid.

I personally, like Jason Statham and his action. He is the hero whose anyone can like because he has not only personality but also has style to do anything in different way.

The Transporter's AdventureThe car which has been used in Transporter movie is also very unique. In his car all things are included with calculation. In the process of mathematics calculation his car runs. Everything should be pre decide weight, size etc. for that car. The car is in black colour from BMW.

In my point of view he is hero in the movie because he breaks his own rule to fight against ceremonialism and to save humanism.

At last, this is very enjoyable movie if you like some decent action and adventure. You can learn by the movie that everything is changeable and should be change also on suitable time.


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