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Saturday, April 16, 2011

RIO 3D Movie
Cartoon movies have led the box office in these days. We already have enjoyed with Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3, How to Train Your Dragon, and Shrek Forever After. These are the most popular 3D movies of last year. But we can’t forget ICE Age movie. That was superb! Still my kids enjoy it. What is the need of today? We need something different, creative, innovative and humorous.

Yes, it is the time of demand. The demand is again filled by a new 3D movie – Rio. The film released on 8th April, 2011 in India. It is released on 15th April, 2011 in some regions of world. The film has been released in many languages.

RIO is a 3D computer animation movie from the makers of the “ICE Age” movie. The film is set in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro and the lush rain forest of Brazil. It is a comedy-adventure movie. Blue is a rare macaw in this film.

Blue thinks that he is the last of his kind. But soon he discovers another. Now, he moves from Minnesota to RIO. The movie captures the journey of Blue and Jewel. They embark on an adventure of a life time in Rio film.

They learn about friendship, love, and courage on this journey. It is a heart-warming story of vivid characters set in the colourful backdrop. The film is designed with contemporary music and family friendly dance and songs.

Rio film is directed by Carlos Saldanha. The film is reviewed positively by the most popular magazines and Medias. However, it is considered as the bird drama for kids only. It is not able to attract Indian audiences like Bollywood movies. Yes, the film has been liked by major people of world.


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