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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shrek Forever After 2010 Movie
Shrek Forever After is a new animated movie of Hollywood which releases on 21st May, 2010 worldwide. Shrek Forever After is an animated movie which releases with 3D effects. The movie is known as Shrek 4, Forever After: The Final Chapter and Shrek: The Final Chapter.

Shrek Forever After 2010 is the fourth part of Shrek film series. The movie will be released in 3-D and IMAX 3-D theaters also. The movie is also based on the fairy tale themes.

Shrek Forever After movie trailer was attached with Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon movie. The movie is introduced as the animation film with 3D effects just like Alice in the Wonderland movie.

Shrek Forever After is directed by Mike Mitchell. It is produced by Gina Shay, Teresa Cheng, Andrew Adamson, Aron Warner and John H. Williams. Yong Duk Jhun is cinematographer of the film. The film is edited by David Teller. The movie is created in DreamWorks Animation studio. Shrek Forever After movie is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Shrek Forever After movie introduces Shrek as a domesticated family ogre after all of his adventures. He discovers himself that he has been tricked for the signing contract. According to the wikipedia, “if Shrek shares "True Love's Kiss" with Fiona by the sunrise of the next day, the contract he signed will be rendered null and void and the original timeline will be restored. However, Rumpelstiltskin will do anything to stop Shrek and solidify the power he now has.”

Shrek Forever After movie revolves around adventures of the giant green ogre, Shrek, living in the land of Far, Far Away.

Shrek Forever After is being considered as the best kid’s animated movie. Background scenes, animated animals and sound effects of the movie are awesome. The movie has tried to introduce the best theme of love and trust among friends. Shrek Forever After movie has introduced the adventurous actions and humorous acts also.


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