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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

X-Men Origins Wolverine movie
It is the story about Wolverine who became Wolverine, how. In the movie Logan got mutant powers which are not from beginning but how the power is used by Logan as extra special abilities to fight. X-Men Origin Wolverine movie is all about doing what is right.

X-Men ORIGINS follows Logan from his first recognition of his mutant powers when he was as a young child. Wolverine is the story which has enough intriguing details which allow to grown-up psychodrama in the mold of THE DARK KNIGHT.

X-Men Origins Wolverine movie is a blockbuster action film in the most fundamental sense of the word.

The movie genre is known as Science, fiction and fantasy. It has been directed by Gavin Hood. David Benioff and Skip Woods have written the movie story. At first, the movie was released in Austraila on 8th April, 2009. After that it was released in USA on 1st May, 2009.

X-Men Origins Wolverine movie is the story of a Wolverine who lives a mutant life to seek revenge against Victor Creed for the death of his girlfriend.

The movie has 1 hour 47 minutes run time. It has got huge popularity on the box office and earned $176,150,506 revenue.

Movies.about.com in the review of the movie writes,
“X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a forgettable summer popcorn flick with a few good one-liners, Jackman looking incredibly studly with his layers of rippling muscles, and a couple of really interesting new characters who we didn't get to see enough of at all. Gambit, John Wraith, The Blob, and Wade Wilson are in and out way, way too quickly which is a shame because Wolverine was a lot of fun - albeit bloody and violent fun - and more interesting when Wade Wilson and the crew were wreaking havoc on the screen.”

“X-Men Origins Wolverine” is releasing in India on June 19, 2009. On this occasion, the movie will be screened at Satyam Cineplex, Nehru Place, Delhi, India on June 18, 2009. In the main cast of the movie are - Hugh Jackman (Logan/Wolverine), Liev Schreiber (Victor Creed), Danny Huston (Stryker), Will.i.am (John Wraith), Lynn Collins (Kayla Silverfox), Kevin Durand (Fred Dukes), Dominic Monaghan (Bradley), Taylor Kitsch (Remy LeBeau), Daniel Henney (Agent Zero) and Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson.

We can take one more review from movies.nytimes.com,
“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” will most likely manage to cash in on the popularity of the earlier episodes, but it is the latest evidence that the superhero movie is suffering from serious imaginative fatigue. A twist at the end that gives poor Wolverine a bad case of amnesia — turning him into a kind of Jason Bourne with sideburns — is a virtual admission that nothing terribly interesting has been learned about the character. He forgets his origins before the movie devoted to their exposition is even over. It won’t take you much longer.”

At last we can say that the movie is great in action and story. It is much enjoying movie than its previous version. In India, it is much waited movie to be released.


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