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Thursday, December 11, 2008

There is nothing good reason to review the movie. But I think there is a reason especially for me to review the movie because I watched the movie recently on my TV channel and I am very much inspired by this. The movie was released in 1966 in the direction of Joseph Losey. Its writers were Stanley Dubens and Jim Holdway. The movie Genre has been decided as comedy, Crime and Thriller. The movie was nominated for BAFTA Film Award also.

In the starting of the movie Monica Vitti (Modesty Blaise) is in main role. The move moves surround the Modesty Blaise and the name of the movie run also on the characters. Modesty Blaise is a very intelligent lady who handles any situations very smartly and already knew others opinions.

Once upon a time in the club of Modesty some criminal attack with her colleagues and want to captured on all the precious jewellery's that time Modesty Blaise handle all the situations very calmly and smartly.

This is the starting point of the movie. From here Modesty Blaise handle all the criminals and criminal's head according to her contract and released all the colleagues one by one but in last the criminal's head knew all the situations and bound to open the gate of jewellery's.

During the play of game with criminal's head Modesty tells all the reality of her life but what is right and wrong a watcher can't decide because in the last she tells I am the modesty after all when a colleagues ask her about the truth.

In the review of movies.nytimes.com writes, “WHAT in blazes "Modesty Blaise" is supposed to be getting at, with all the op art and the comic-strip nonsense Joseph Losey has thrown into it, is something that puzzled this reviewer on first seeing it at the festival in Cannes. And it still puzzles me after seeing it again in one of the several neighborhood houses where it opened yesterday.”

In the last I can say the movie is one of the best movie on the game and gambling situations which is related to directly human being. Life is like a game, it is depend on you how to pay it. Modesty payed a great game in the favour of human being life safety and won the game. This is the essence of Modesty Blaise movie.


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