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Monday, October 6, 2008

Eraser Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger that time was a most famous hero of Hollywood when the Eraser was released. Eraser was released in 1996 and its budgets were about $100,000,000 US and its earning was about $234,400,000 in gross revenue.

Eraser was directed by Charless Russell and produced by Anne Kopelson and Arnold Kopelson. However, the movie writers were Tony Puryear, Walon Green and Michel S. Chernuchin and it had been distributed by Warner Bros.

The Eraser movie had about 115 min. length and was released on exact date of 21st June of 1996. Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger main characters of Eraser movie were James Cann, Venessa Williams, James Coburn etc.

Eraser was one of the most famous move for action and new technology. The movie plot is also on action and new technology of arms. In the movie an electronics arm in the center point which moves around the buy and sell.


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